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Kidato offers a learning experience that is designed to empower the student, collaborate with their peers to solve problems and think strategically. We offer the British National Curriculum.

Academic enrolment for April 2022 closes 27th April 2022

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The Kidato Way

Our learning delivery is child centered, skill based and focuses on the holistic development of the individual child. We offer a safe, healthy and encouraging learning environment that prepares our students for tomorrow’s global needs.

Quality Education

Beyond knowledge acquisition, we work with our students on development processes like critical, innovative and analytical thinking; strategic planning and problem solving skills while inculcating confidence, creativity and a high self-esteem.

Qualified Tutors

We work with vetted tutors, experts in online live teaching, certified in the British National Curriculum and its requirements, are passionate about teaching and have prior vast experience working in International schools.


We work with partners, tutors and parents to organise weekly & monthly social activities like: field trips; sports; debate sessions; science fairs; music, dance,crafts and arts activities; environmental activities and many more!

Admission Assesments & Reviews Open


Learning at Kidato


The British National Curriculum sets a global standard for education. We offer the British National Curriculum for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3.


The admission will be determined by age, academic performance, academic background, last reports from last school attended.

Our Approach

Our classes are small groups of 5-8 students per class: hence the benefits of personalized learning, group dynamics and peer-interaction.

British National Exams

We register students for the relevant checkpoint exams, and every term we prepare students with Midterm and End of Term Assessments.

Progress Tracking

Daily follow-up diary entries for parents and students to track learning, assignments and tips on how to further engage the students.

School Fees

We make it easy for parents: you can pay the school fees monthly, quarterly or annually. We also offer a care package, i.e a laptop per child & books.

Admission Assesments & Reviews Open